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At Presby Hall we strive to give our current and future residents all the information that is needed to for a safe and enjoyable living environment. Listed below are the most commonly asked questions we get at Presby Hall. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

What are the rates?

Fall 2017

Required Minimum - 10 Meals Per Week

10 Meals Per Week Annual Semester 10 Installments
Standard Double $12,593 $12,893 $13,193
Deluxe Double w/Bathroom $13,143 $13,443 $13,743
Single $14,593 $14,893 $15,193

Option - 14 Meals per Week

14 Meals Per Week Annual Semester 10 Installments
Standard Double $13,329 $13,629 $13,929
Deluxe Double w/Bathroom $13,879 $14,179 $14,479
Single $15,329 $15,629 $15,929

If I receive financial aid, how do I make payments to Presby Hall?

Students must fax a copy of their Financial Aid Awards Letter to Presby Hall at (217) 344-6759 or mail to 405 East John Street, Champaign, Illinois 61820 by June 15th. The Financial Aid office does not go directly to Presby Hall. Regardless of Financial Aid status, it is still ultimately your responsibility to ensure Presby Hall has been paid and that your account is in good standing. Financial Aid students use the semester payment plan, to ensure your balance with Presby Hall is paid, as your funds will be distributed at the beginning of each semester. All Financial Aid recipients are obligated to make initial payments of $650 on July 1, $650 on August 1, and $650 on September 1, even though you may have not received your Financial Aid yet. These payments will be deducted from your balance owed to Presby Hall, which must be paid in full by October 1. If you would like to check your balance owed to Presby Hall, please contact our office by phone at (217) 344-0102 Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm or by email at

When am I going to find out who my suitemate(s) is?

Roomate/suitemate information will be emailed in early to mid-July.

Do I need an appointment to take a tour of Presby Hall?

No, just stop by any time between 11am-5pm on weekdays. We do, however, require appointments on weekends. To schedule a weekend appointment, call us at (217) 344-0102. Until August 23rd, a Freshman can choose private certified housing or University housing. Freshmen are allowed to switch their choice, once. If an individual is attempting to move from one private certified housing facility to another, they need to be released from the housing facility with whom they has a contract.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, there are! Check out our Scholarship Page.

Is parking available?

Yes. There are 35 spaces available in an enclosed lot under the building. Parking rates can be found here.

What is roommate matching?

Every residential agreement holder fills out a roommate matching form that asks specific questions about living habits, academic interests and hobbies so that we may make every attempt to match you up with the a compatible roommate and suitemates.

Can I request to live with my friends?

Yes, we will make every attempt to accommodate your request.

What if my roommates and I do not get along?

Hall staff are available to assist with any roommate issues. If no remedy is found and space is available, we offer residents the option to change rooms or suites.

Can I view a sample lease?

Sure, here is a PDF of our standard lease. This lease is for reference only and should not be filled out. If your application is accepted, you will be provided a personalized lease document.

What does 'default' mean?

A default can apply to anything that is considered a violation of our lease, for example: not paying your rent, having a pet in the suite, or noise violations.

Can I cancel my residential agreement?

You can break your agreement for one of 2 reasons: 1. You decide to move into the University Residence Halls; 2. You are no longer a student of the U of I due to graduation, drop out or merely deciding not to attend the U of I.

Are the washer/dryers coin operated?

No, each suite has its own washer and dryer — and just like at home you do not need coins!

Presby Hall is attached to the McKinley Church and Foundation. Is there a faith requirement to live in the residence hall?

No, students from all faith and non-faith traditions are welcome. We hope to encourage greater interfaith dialogue and understanding. Optional religious programs are available for those interested, along with social and educational programs to help students adjust to campus, academic and community life. In fact, Presby encourages diversity of faith, ideas, and goals.

How do I put in a maintenance request?

You may go to our website to enter a maintenance request.